welcome to manas website

In the time of corona me manas started to code and now its time to start my manas website

and show my skill this is the starting and only trailer.
This series of website is about me and my life style with code.

I (manas) started learning coding from thenewbosten youtube channel and from some books.

As people think this is tough but it is not so. Its very easy even a 6th class child can make a website only watching some tutorial for this website

From my website i will try to give you only the truth subscribe my website to get latest updates .

  1. That's me i never thought that i would making a website .
  2. Its really a job but actually it's not if you starts coding for passion than only you can learn for only learning it's not useful at all.
  3. I really started coding seeing an add of WhiteHat Jr. actually i also read some article and got interested in coding . I think i will start from making a basic app
    but i started from making a website.
  4. Now i stated learning python.
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